November 8, 2020 by Mara Keen

How to Stay Motivated in the Colder Months


Cold temperatures and short days got you down? If so, you are not alone. Many people find themselves feeling lazy when the leaves have fallen and cold, crisp air flows throughout the world. However, there are ways to stay upbeat and motivated in these darker months.

  1. Set Goals and Most Importantly, KEEP Them. We have a natural tendency to set goals for ourselves and as life gets busy, forget about achieving them. Setting clear goals and keeping yourself accountable will not only keep you motivated, but help your self esteem by feeling accomplished.

  2. Get Organized Making your bed after waking up is the simplest way to start your day off feeling productive. Finding time to organize your life piece by piece, whether it’s planning out your week or going through that messy drawer will help.

  3. Spend Time With Friends and Family This will keep you motivated by keeping you in check. I say this from personal experience. There have been times in my life where hanging out with good friends and hearing everyone talk about their lives, helped me to accomplish my goals. Seeing friends is also important for your overall health. When we spend too much time online, we tend to over think, which can possibly lead to a demotivated spiral.

Overall, there are many ways to stay motivated in the colder months. Trying the three listed above is a good place to start if you are undergoing the wrath of the cold weather stay-at-home-in-bed feeling.